New Reads Vol. 2

The first volume of this mini series was posted over two months ago and during that time, I have been rounding up my new and favourite reads thus far. Let's get started!

Website -
MTV Fora is my guilty pleasure, my dream job field, my everything. I literally spend and have spent countless hours reading their posts compiled by their dream team. One of my favourite 'series' are their girl guides where they interview awesome females in the world.

Blog -
Goodness do I ever want to have Rosie's life. Her blog is my particular favourite because she posts her everyday life displaying her travels, delicious recipes and fashion inspiration. I read her blog religiously and am motivated by her lifestyle. 

Book - Eleanor & Park
I just finished this book and I loved every bit of it. It's a story of an undefined romance between two teens. It's unlike any other teen romance novel out there because this one is unique and shows the raw truth of some individuals lives. At first, I didn't think I would be fond of it as it takes place in the 1980's but I think that was the one part I especially loved about the story. It pulled it all together.

Youtube - Tyler Oakley
Of course, my queen, my everything and the one and only Tyler Oakley has to be who i've been watching on Youtube a ton lately. This month he is doing Auguest, posting a collaboration video every Monday through Friday. As busy of a life he has, he always seems to put in 100% effort in whatever he does even if it is something small. Inspiring and amazing person all around.

Instagram - Chiara Ferragni
One of the biggest bloggers ever, Chiara Ferragni's instagram is everything. I love following her on her adventures around the world. She just never seems to stop! #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops. It's remarkable how much she travels and how many places she's been even in the past month alone. Every time one of her photos on instagram comes up, it reminds me of how inspiring she is and keeps me motivated with anything I do in life.

Facebook Page - Class is Internal
I've really been enjoying Class is Internal's AKA Sonya Esman's facebook page. She posts great photos of her days and keeps them consistent. I also am a huge fan of her blog and youtube channels!

App - VSCO Cam
This app is everything you have ever wanted and needed. It's the perfect photo editing app and makes any photo look outstanding. I can't stop using it!

Best, Janine Maral

VSCO Style

Hello, i'm Janine and I love VSCO Cam. It's true. I can not for the life of me get enough of this photo editing app. I'm sure everyone of you know exactly what i'm talking about but if you don't, i'll tell you. It's a photo editing cut to the basics making it easy and convenient for everyone to use. You don't need to be a photographer or a master with photoshop because this app does it all for you. It easily makes any photo look remarkable. Only recently have I realized how great this app really is that it has been all i've been using to edit my photos, mostly instagram photos. 

This is usually how I will edit a photo:
Step 1 - Import photo and select it.
Step 2 - Choose a filter.
Step 3 - Make required adjustments.
i. Exposure
ii. Temperature
iii. Contrast
iv. Shadows
v. Highlights
vi. Crop
Step 4 - Save & Upload!

My most used filters will most definitely have to be C1, F2 and on good days, T1.

Tada! Simple and easy. You just have to play around with the app and the settings to really get a feel of how everything works. Now a question for you, does this app exist as a photo editing website online? I'm desperate!

P.S. follow my grid! -

:: Janine Maral
Photo Sources: Pinterest

A Round Up

Where do I begin? I haven't written a proper 'catch up with me' kind of post for a while but I have brought it to you today. Well, in July, I have been in Florida and been missing Toronto like heck! As much as I loved going to the beach everyday, I needed the city and the busy kind of feel along with it. Ever since I got back, I've been catching up with the city and going downtown a ton. 

I attended my first EDM festival at the beginning of August. Electric Dance Music has grown on me since I started listening to it around 4-5 years ago and I finally went to a proper festival. It was everything I could have wished for and more. One set that I especially enjoyed was DVBBS. They are a duo DJ set (?) from Toronto and it was simply madness. I don't know how else to describe it.

University is catching up very soon, in fact, it starts next month. I am quite nervous but excited for this new environment, a place i've never been before, the unknown. I am especially OK with the fact that I will be in the heart of the city four times a week even though I will be having to commute. This gives me plenty of opportunities to seek new cafes and hunt Toronto's finest restaurants!

Lastly, I revamped my room. No big changes but I felt like I had to get rid of some things that just take up space and make my room feel more 'big girl' status AKA adult (ew lol). I also got rid of quite a bit of clothes which means one thing: shopping spree!

:: Janine Maral
Source of photo: Pinterest

Evolution Food Co.

Boy oh boy is this post ever delayed! I've been meaning to finish this post in the beginning of August but clearly, that did not happen. I haven't been feeling so inspired and motivated to write posts recently until today, when it finally hit me. 

Well anyways, I found a new place to eat in downtown Toronto specifically near the St. Lawrence Market called Evolution Food Co. This is a fast food style restaurant however unlike every other fast food restaurant, this is healthy for you! They offer nutritious and naturally grown foods, served in a box and you are ready to go! They also offer fresh pressed juices which i need to try next time.

The environment of the location is fun and bright with it's yellow accents and fresh fruits.

I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures!

So how this works is you order a protein, a grain and some veggies and dairy and you are set!

I ordered chicken with kale, a bunch of other greens, some feta cheeses, spicy hummus and a bunch of other delicious and healthy goodness! At 14$ for a dinner sized box, it is a little pricy but for natural and healthy foods that do good to your body, it's totally worth it. It is also quite filling which I was surprised about! 

Since I will be in the city a lot in the up coming months, I will probably be here quite a bit for my lunches. This is in no way good for my wallet but good for my health!

:: Janine Maral

The Sunday Edit

Sundaze; often the laziest day of the week, except during summer break since everyday are lazy days then. Today I will probably organize my life through tidying up my somewhat messy room. Then organize my blog plans, something I have been majorly slacking on. I don't know why, but I have not been feeling motivated or inspired to post anything of quality on my blog for almost a month and a half. The summer laziness got the worst of me. But now, I am starting to get everything together with motivation and inspiration all around.

I also want to bake some cookies. Blogger and vlogger, Tanya Burr, posted a delicious cookie recipe I am dying to try out. Check it out here. After that, hopefully I will be able to get some back to school shopping done (I hate saying back to school, it sounds childish).

That is basically what my sunday will look like. And, break!

:: Janine Maral

Sporty Chic Shoes

What are any other shoe styles except for sneakers? This trend started a while ago so I finally hopped on the bandwagon and now realize exactly why people seem to love it so much.

First off, they are very comfortable. For myself, comfort is key in an outfit but sometimes I will sacrifice comfort for style. With these types of shoes, however, I get the best of both worlds. Second, in terms of style, they give an effortless sporty vibe to any outfit which has been all the hype since the Spring. 
It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect sneaker to pull off this sporty chic look. I have three specific styles of sneakers that I particularly love that work seamlessly.

Nike Free 5.0 - These shoes are hands down the most sporty and athletic looking shoes out of all the sneakers. When you walk in them, they feel like you are walking on a cloud. It's an amazing experience.

Nike Air Max - The Air Max style by Nike has been around for a while and many seem to love it. I now realize why. They look more like a sports shoe meant to be worn for anything but sports and thus, are easier to style.

New Balance 410, 420, 574 - Last but not least, the famous New Balance sneakers. I actually could not name you one blogger who does not own a pair of New Balance sneakers. I like how New Balance creates these shoes in different styles depending on your taste. My personal favourite are the 410's. Also, they come in so many fun colours!

Which sporty chic shoes are your favourite?

:: Janine Maral

Tunes & Things

After attending my first ever EDM Festival, EDM has mostly all i've been to listen to along with a few throwback mixes. But as you can see from the list below, my genre taste is all over the place. I can't seem to just listen to one exact genre of music. 

My artist(s) of the month, or of the summer in general, will have to be DVBBS. They are a Canadian DJ duo and after seeing them perform live, I can't stop thinking about them. Their set was unlike any other I have seen before. They engaged the crowd effectively and their music, of course, was way different than I thought. I am completely obsessed. P.S. How cool is that pineapple above?

1. Kanye - The Chainsmokers ft. Siren
2. A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
3. Bad - David Guetta
4. Wasted - Tiesto
5. We Were Young - DVBBS
6. Shower - Becky G
7. Break Free - Ariana Grande
8. Ink - Coldplay
9. Pretty Hurts - Beyonce
10. Bang Bang - Will.I.Am
11. FU - Miley Cyrus ft. French Montana
12. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
13. The Story of Us - Taylor Swift
14. The Cave - Mumford and Sons
15. ***Flawless - Beyonce

:: Janine Maral
Photo Source: Pinterest
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